New York based duo UpAllNight was formed by John Creamer and Noam Rubinstein – New Years 2018. The project has been generating excitement and interest ever since. Their debut release this past Winter “La Dolce Vita”, charted Top 10 in both the House & Progressive House charts on Beatport followed by the #1 melodic house stormer, “Way Out” (Eyedillic Records) and their recent acclaimed late Summer remix of DJ favorite, “4 Eva”  (AEye Records). UpAllNight are just getting started. Explains the duo, “We decided to work together because we wanted make dope sh*t.

At the time we got together, John had taken some time off from the music biz – and Noam was just getting started. We both wanted to sink our teeth into some new projects – and represent a genre-bending NY sound.  As time went on, we found our skills complemented each other, and the work keeps getting better.” UpAllNight’s unique sound combines Rubinstein’s contemporary stylistic approach with the unmistakable production aesthetic that made Creamer a household name in house music the last three decades.

(Thanks in no small part to the many singles and legendary collaborative remixes of seminal acts such as Moby, iiO, and Satoshi Tomiie.) The guys concede, “We bring different attitudes and different sensibilities to the production process – and end up with a sound that neither of us would have reached on our own.” They continue, “We consider ourselves ‘genre-fluid.’ For us the best tracks work in any set – and blend expectations that audiences develop by being exposed to a wide variety of styles and sounds. UpAllNight’s sound is very New York – drugged out, tribal, lush, atmospheric and deep.” UpAllNight’s tracks are already getting early support and notice from legendary selectors including John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez, Hector Romero and many more. They admit, ”We pay homage to the dance music heritage of our pasts while offering consistent quality and a sound that looks forward.”

UpAllNight DJ sets have been featured in various clubs around the world as well as on live radio shows including Planeta 94.7 Guadalajara MX,  Metro 95.1 Buenos Aires AR,  Deeper Sounds / Mambo Radio and on Bespoke Musik with so much more to come. “There is a bunch of great music coming out now – though we derive most of our inspiration elsewhere. Film, for example, inspires us to make music – as does post-modern and contemporary art.” explains the duo. “From our productions, fans just discovering our sound should expect lush, atmospheric, somewhat experimental, yet highly engaging experiences. And, when we DJ, folks can expect to shake their asses!” With new originals, singles and remixes in the pipeline, a debut e.p. and album currently in the works and releases forthcoming on Mantra Music Group, 4eye Music, and others — UpAllNight are wide awake and just getting started.

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We are NYC-based music production duo Noam Rubinstein and John Creamer. We started UpAllNight in the last weeks of 2017 because we love to make fire.
© Copyright 2020 Jason Speziale
© Copyright  2020  Jason Speziale